WordPress Setup & Management

Behind the scenes of every website delivering your pages to your potential customers is a content framework. It is on top of this framework that the specific content for your business is built and presented.

While there are a number of options for website frameworks, one of the most popular on the Internet is WordPress. While it started life as a community project to help bloggers, it is now used by companies large and small in every industry. It is so well supported that it is the number one choice for many people.

WordPress setup, on top of your internet domain and hosting package is not particularly difficult. However it is not a job for a beginner. So instead of wasting your time or the time of one of your employees, this is a task that is better outsourced to someone who has done it many many times before.

WordPress setup with an initial few pages of content usually takes no more that 2 hours, so we usually charge £36 for initial setup.