Website Management

As a small business owner it is essential that you have a working website. It is the shop window into which your potential customers can look and find products that they may wish to buy. It is therefore essential that your website is functioning all the time. A breakdown is potential good will and custom lost.

However, as a small business owner it is not essential that you become an expert in website management, this is something that requires a lot of skills and experience. Instead by outsourcing your website management you can have someone on hand and available to fix problems or make minor updates when needed.

Our website management service works as a small monthly subscription, usually to cover the first hour of any support you may need. It also comes with a guarantee that we will respond at least on the next business day, but often on the same day, or even over the weekend when a problem occurs.

So the choice is yours? Employ and train someone up to manage your website; or worse, waste your valuable time by doing it yourself; or sign up to a website management subscription which guarantees that help is just one short call or email away.

If you decide to wait until you have a problem then you would expect a significant call out fee! (How much does an emergency plumber or heating engineer cost?) We do not charge a call out fee, so you only pay for the time you need.

Our normal rate for remote website management is £18 per hour. It is then up to you how many hours of support and how often you want us to check on the health of site, that will determine what you pay as a monthly subscription.

This is a peace of mind service. We want you to worry about your customers and delivering a great service, not worry about your website!