Make best use of Technology

Technology can either be a help or a hindrance.

Often the biggest cost of implementing a new system is the time needed for your employees to receive training and become familiar with the new system. Only once the new system has bedded-in do you start to recoup the costs through increased productivity, worker moral, and administrative efficiency.

One of the most destructive features of modern technology when used inefficiently is chat. It can be intrusive and endlessly interrupting. Tools need to be chosen carefully for your staff so that your staff make use of the correct means of communication for the matter in hand. Not everything is so urgent that the recipients need to drop everything to read an ill advised chat notification. Most of your staff are not receptionists who are employed to sit waiting for the next incoming call or visitor. Their jobs are not to chat but to get on with delivering the products and services which make the difference to the companies profits and achievements.

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