Grow your Business

…. by focusing on what makes a difference

There are three ways to grow your business

  • Increase your sales
  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve your efficiency

Increase your sales. This has to be the number one priority, but it is not just a matter of getting orders, it is also about delivering good service and a great product to your customers so that they become willing to speak positively about you and increase your marketing profile.

Reduce your costs. Your bottom line or profitability is not just a factor of your sales orders, it is also dependent on how much it costs you to deliver your service or product. Administrative overheads can eat up your hard work to grow your business, and when scaling your business you need the right balance between the people who make a difference to the bottom line, and those who service those people to enable them to do their job.

Improve you efficiency. If your primary function is to sell products and services, and that is what you are good at; what makes the difference to the bottom line; and is what grows your business, how much of your time and energy is spent doing other things that don’t make the difference?

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